"really, really love the finish on the large bandana. To me it gives the look of quality and I simply loved the two toned look when its reversed."


"the large bandana covered more of the back of my head. It was looser than the regular sized one, which I liked the snug fit of. I think the two sizes gives you options.”... “ both are fabulous and I'd recommend either size (or both)!"



"I've tried many bandana's, but I have to say you get what you pay for with this product! Its so soft and comfortable. The size was great for me, and did not feel restrictive in any way. I found the stretchy material was brilliant for styling it as I wanted it – easy to manipulate and fitted so snugly, unlike so many of the cheaper, harder materials I've found in other bandana's I've bought in the past. I would highly recommend this product."



"Liked the fact you could you could reverse it. Gives you two options for the price of one."



"Love, love , love the fact that its made from Liberty fabric!!! Oozes quality."



"My dog Barney, loved wearing his Doggydana. The bandana was easy to tie round his neck, because its was so stretchable (he's never worn a bandana before so this was a first). I even made the bandana wet and tied it round his neck on a hot day – he seemed to like that. Afterwards I washed it and hung it on the line to dry, and it didn't even need ironing and still kept its shape. Only thing I'd add is Barney is a large dog, a Pointer, and the I think an extra large doggydana size would have fitted better. Also, being reversible means he has more than one doggydana to his name!"



"What a great product. Simple to wear and great when out on walks. The reversible colours idea is a great idea, its like getting two for the price of one!"


“No idea how to wear it but had fun trying different ways!"



"Absolutely love it! Fits nicely on my head and just felt secure and cosy. I loved the fact I could have options with it - I could ruffle it up or have it smooth against my head. I could also make it smaller or make it two toned."